Ashley Dulaney, Kate Ashfield, Sean O'Bryan, Shelby Young

A family still reeling after the accidental death of one of their daughters, returns home after an aborted month long getaway to Rebecca, a seemingly pleasant house sitter. Since they returned early, Rebecca has nowhere to go, so the family invite her to stay. At first, Rebecca is a godsend-she cooks, cleans, and does laundry; but the family soon discovers that the woman is not as innocent and sane as she appears.

Since they have been gone, Rebecca has not only grown very attached to the house, but to its owners. Seeing their pictures, going through their things; she's created a whole world in her head of who they are. Now that they are back, she isn't simply satisfied being a guest. She wants to be a part of the family. And she'll do whatever is necessary-including murder-to make her wish come true.

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