Brian Ames, Lesley-Anne Down, Lilian Bowden, Madeline Zima

Romance blogger, Nora receives a big break with a book deal, but is struggling to find inspiration. But when she discovers that her neighbor's window allows her to see everything he does and everyone he brings home, she finds that his romantic interludes are just the right muse she needs. When Lucas takes notice of her, Nora's voyeuristic exercise takes a turn into first-hand experience. With her priority to finish her book, she wishes to keep things light and fun, but Lucas has other ideas as his behavior intensifies to an obsessive state. Learning of a recent murder victim on the news, Nora recognizes the woman from a photo she saw in Lucas' apartment. Alerting the police, Lucas now knows she's on to him, and the stakes are raised with Nora's life on the line.

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