Christopher Gauthier, James Denton, Kirsten Robek, Laura Mennell, Lilah Fitzgerald

Penelope "Polka-dot" Daught is a spunky and resourceful 11-year-old living at home with her ailing mother, Frances. To earn some money, Polka-dot charms local officer Cooper into allowing her to clean his K-9 partner, Luey's, dog kennel. Becoming fast friends with the bloodhound, Polka-dot sneaks Luey out of his kennel at night to visit her mom who ends up at the hospital. Cooper, who begins to grow suspicious, uncovers Polka-dot's secret that she has been living at home alone. When Frances' condition takes a bad turn, Cooper is confronted with the reality of Polka-dot's situation. It will take hope, friendship and courage to bring about a happy new life for this mismatched trio who just might be perfect for each other!

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