Arianne Zucker, Brando Eaton, George Stults, Natalie Lander

Life may have gotten just a little bit better for Suzanne Austin with the arrival of her hot new assistant. While her marriage is failing quickly and her husband's cheating ways have finally pushed her over the edge, the distraction of an attentive young man promises to be intriguing. David is charming, professional and capable-and Suzanne quickly finds herself constantly in his company.

An invitation for drinks after work sparks a heated romantic fling and Suzanne's world threatens to come crashing down. Appalled at what her indiscretion might cost her, she attempts to break off the relationship personally and professionally. However, David has other plans. When blackmail leads to threats and a coworker turns up murdered, David's intentions become clear. No matter who stands between them, he will stop at nothing until Suzanne belongs to him.

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