A KIND OF MAGIC (90 min)

Nikki Deloach, Ryan McPartlin, Briana Lane, Carolyn Hennessy, Jonathan Patrick Moore

Matt Andover is a charming, handsome, successful businessman with a dilemma. In order to preserve his family's business and their traditions, he must agree to an arranged marriage to his childhood friend, Lizzie. An unseen obstacle to this arrangement, however, is Sara. When Matt meets Sara at a Halloween party, everything changes. The connection is obvious, but the two agree to just let the evening be a wonderful memory, and so they don't exchange contact information. Though he is supposed to marry Lizzie, Matt can't stop thinking about Sara-the girl who got away. What Matt doesn't understand is that his time with Sara set unexpected events in motion that will require him to track her down for a reunion that promises to be very magical.

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