Dina Meyer, Amanda Detmer, Brian Thomas Smith, Caleb Ruminer, Sam Lerner

Tanya is preparing to send her son Mark to college, but she isn't ready to see him leave. Mark also has concerns about leaving his mom on her own, but when he meets a beautiful older woman, he's pulled into her luxurious world. However, Mark starts noticing that his life is no longer in his control, always shifting to suit Carissa's whims. Tanya has noticed changes in Mark, and though she tries to connect with him, he's become distant and secretive about his girlfriend. Upon learning about the spell Mark is under, Tanya confronts Carissa only to be threatened. Mark realizes how twisted things have gotten... but Carissa has her claws in deep, and she refuses to let go. When he tries to break things off, Carissa gives him an ultimatum: if she can't have him, nobody can. When Tanya discovers Mark is missing, she takes matters into her own hands to rescue him before it's too late.

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