Ashley Newbrough, Barry Bostwick, Chelan Simmons, Jaeda Lily Miller, Wes Brown

Becca is suffering from a case of arrested development-she's working on her third college degree (this time in psychology) and avoiding launching into the real world. In order to help find inspiration for her thesis, she starts working as a teacher's aide. She meets Emily, one of the students in her class, and they become fast friends. Happy to hear that his daughter-who hasn't been doing well since the death of her mother two years ago-made a friend at school, Nate sets up a playdate for Becca and Emily. When Nate discovers that Becca is an adult, he is understandably thrown. However, not wanting to discourage his daughter's progress, he embraces the situation. As Becca spends more time with Emily, Nate begins to realize how much his daughter loves her-and that he just might be falling for her himself.

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