MERRY EX-MAS (90 min)

Dean Cain, Kristy Swanson, Lochlyn Munro, Ernie Hudson

Two years after their divorce, Noelle and her ex-husband Jessie have moved on. They share custody of their daughter Carrie and are dating new people, but they have one legal remnant that states their property in Mammoth will be a time-share. With Christmas around the corner, it's Noelle's turn for the cabin, so she agrees to meet Jesse there to sign off on the legal papers. However, shortly after her arrival, a blizzard hits the town leaving her stranded with Jesse and his female companion. So between uninvited guests, intruding mothers, and three marriage proposals; this holiday season is turning into a real comedy of errors. But being stuck in close quarters is just what Noelle and Jessie need to face their unresolved feelings and maybe even save Christmas from being a total disaster.

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