Daniela Bobadilla, Betsy Brandt, Carolyn Hennesy, Debra Wilson, Gail O'Grady, Julie Brown

The day has finally come-Debra's daughter Jenna is getting married! And she couldn't be any happier. Jenna has grown into a beautiful woman, and her fiancé Chris is her soul mate. And while Debra might not be Jenna's birth mother, she and her husband Carl have raised Jenna since birth as their own. All Jenna wants is a marriage just like her parents' and the same simple family wedding they had years ago. But all that changes when Jenna decides she's finally ready to meet her real mother, who turns out to be Haley Snow-the most popular event planner around. Eager for a chance to make an impression on her daughter, Haley volunteers to pull some strings to give Jenna the most memorable, extravagant wedding she can muster. It isn't long before Debra and Haley are butting heads over their idea of Jenna's perfect wedding, leaving in their wake posh venues, celebrity cake makers, designer dresses and eccentric florists. This escalates into an all-out war for Jenna's affection-but can these two moms put their differences aside for the sake of their daughter, or is Jenna's wedding doomed to be a complete disaster?

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