Bree Williamson, Chris Gartin, Gail O'Grady, James McDaniel, Taylor Cole

To his parishioners, minister Andrew Martin seemed like a pious and honorable man. To his wife Debbie, he was a loving husband and a caring father. Always vibrant and kind, Debbie was beloved by all who knew her - until one day, inexplicably, she took her own life. To her friends and family, Debbie's death makes no sense and they struggle with questions they cannot answer. With the lack of an autopsy and police refusing to investigate, Debbie's mother Susan has no choice but to take the case into her own hands. Susan's determination to bring Andrew's dark secrets to light reveals a shocking history of lies, infidelity, cruelty, and sexual obsession that may have led a serial predator cloaked in God's word to commit murder. Inspired by the true story of a grieving mother who refused to give up until her daughter's memory could forever rest in peace.

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