Alan Thicke, Alix Angelis, Thomas Beaudoin, Jesse Hutch, April Bowlby, Ellen Greene, Jean St. James, Lily Rains

After ten years of dating, Chloe’s boyfriend Eric still hasn’t matured into the man she wants him to become. Hoping to give him the push he needs, she dumps him; confident Eric will pull himself together before crawling back to her. Six months later, Eric meets Chloe for dinner with big news: he’s getting married in a week. Needing a break from work, life, and all things Eric, Chloe takes a vacation. But when she arrives, she runs into Eric and his fiancée—they’re getting married at the same resort! Convinced he is making a huge mistake, Chloe recruits the resort manager, Hunter, to be her fake boyfriend and make Eric jealous. The more time they spend together, though, Chloe and Hunter’s fake love blossoms into something genuine. Now, Chloe must decide if she’s ready to give up on her past with Eric for a chance at love with someone new.

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