THE ASSAULT (90 min)

Amy Bruckner, Gary Weeks, Khandi Alexander, Makenzie Vega, Malik Yoba

Inspired by a true story. In Clifton, football is everything-- and the Clifton High Wolves are kings. But game night euphoria is shattered when cheerleader Sam Gleason takes the field with a can of gasoline in hand. and lights herself on fire. After being hospitalized with minor burns, Sam's father Dan learns what's causing his daughter so much pain-- she's been sexually assaulted by the football team. and everything has been captured online. With help from her childhood friend Frankie, Sam uses the scattered social media to piece together this horrific event and bring those responsible to justice. But in a town that worships the Wolves and is adamant that "boys will be boys," Sam will have to use every ounce of her strength to face her trauma and assemble enough proof to make sure this never happens again.

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