Robert Walsh, Jen Lilley, Joanna Herrington, Kati Salowsky, Thomas Beaudoin

Ambitious attorney Kate Jordan is sent to Vermont twelve days before Christmas to broker the sale of Hollygrove Inn. Upon her arrival, she is told that her appraiser has left and probably did so because of the ghost. Not to be dissuaded, she decides to stay at the inn, and it is not long before she meets Daniel Forsythe, a man who mysteriously died 95 years ago. Wanting his solitude, Daniel asks Kate to leave. She of course refuses, so the two strike a deal-if she can help him discover the truth behind his death and why he is cursed to return to the inn for Christmas each year, he will leave Hollygrove and allow her to finish her job. But as they work together, Kate can't help but fall for this dashing Christmas spirit from another time, and a romance develops that will alter the course of both their lives.

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