Kelly Sullivan, Sofia Milos, Gabriel Hogan, Brooke Hogan

Layla and Nate are happily married and trying to get pregnant. When they have trouble conceiving, they look for help in the form of acclaimed fertility doctor Bianca Hartman. Dr. Hartman is a dream come true—caring, respectful and empathetic; giving Layla a strict regimen to follow. But when Layla starts having jarring mood swings and Nate starts having blackouts, they begin to suspect something may be wrong and get a second opinion on their fertility treatments. With her hormone dosage well above what’s normal, Layla is certain that Dr. Hartman has a vendetta against her and Nate. It isn’t until Dr. Hartman’s secret past comes to light that her insidious ulterior motives become clear. Layla and Nate will have to act fast if they plan to stay alive long enough to have the family they long for.

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