SWIPE (90 min)

Anna Hutchison, Karissa Staples, Rhys Ward

Anna's had a tough time getting close to people ever since her father died five years ago and her relationship with her boyfriend ended. Having lost interest in dating, she focuses on school and taking care of her mom and sister, Sasha. With Anna's best interest at heart, Sasha creates a profile for her on Swipe-a new dating app that matches users via GPS. Though she is reluctant, Anna gives the app a try. Several potential suitors message her, but they all pale in comparison to handsome and charming Pete. Then Anna starts to get disturbing messages and notifications that a match is very close to her proximity when no one should be. Becoming anxious and paranoid, she pushes Pete away. Not knowing who to trust, Anna is pitted against a stalker who looks to be a match from hell prepared to kill for love.

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