THE WATCHER (90 min)

Denise Crosby, Edi Gathegi, Erin Cahill, Kevin Daniels

After experiencing a traumatic miscarriage, Emma and Noah Douglas have agreed on a fresh start by purchasing a new home. The house they find is in need of some renovation-the walls creak, the floors are cracked, and a closet door refuses to open-but Emma sees this as a welcome distraction. They're determined to have the house of their dreams, but it doesn't take long for the house's dark past to reveal itself, and Emma finds herself struggling to handle it alone as Noah becomes consumed by his work. The young couple starts receiving morbid gifts and threatening letters, warning them that they're not alone in their new home... and that a horrible fate will soon follow if they decide to stay. "The Raven" is watching them, and will stop at nothing to force them out.

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