James Brolin, Gage Munroe, Josie Bissett

Struggling with the recent loss of his father, 13-year-old George is being pushed into manhood. With dad gone, it's up to George and his grandparents to keep the family farm running. Juggling tragedy and responsibility, George is having a hard time moving on... until he finds a shoulder to lean on in Tucker, his neighbor's dog. When alcoholic neighbor Thorne is thrown in jail, George looks after Tucker... and Tucker looks after George. But when Thorne gets released, George must find a way to stay with his new best friend. And when a terrible storm hits, George and his grandparents must help the town survive. It's only through his new love and bond with Tucker that George is able to weather the storms of adulthood and find peace in his loss. Based on the book of the same name, Christmas with Tucker is a classic Christmas story about a young man's love for his dog, his family and his farm.

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